About Nadan

Who We Are


NADAN’s eight founding members are all experienced and knowledgeable licensed attorneys.

All of us are former conscripted soldiers.

All of us are former IDF officers and commanders, and most of us served for a long time in the IDF Military Advocate General Corps (MAG, for short).

We come from diverse family, socioeconomic and national backgrounds – and some of us have ourselves served in the IDF as lone soldiers or new immigrants.

Our legal and military experience is unique. We were stationed at various legal positions in the IDF where we were given tremendous professional responsibilities as military prosecutors, defense attorneys and legal advisors. As IDF Officers, we were also commanders to our soldiers and junior officers and we were responsible for their personal well-being, both inside and outside of the military.


Our military service has exposed us first hand to delicate situations in which timely intervention was critical and could have prevented unfortunate consequences, both to the soldiers and to army security interests.

This is the reason why we decided to band together and form NADAN.

Our other volunteers include pre-drafted law students who will become MAG Officers in the future, as well as caring citizens, including veteran officers, combat soldiers and welfare branch NCOs, all of whom became lawyers or law students after completing their military service.

As of January 2017, our organization is maintained by a volunteer team of 3 lawyers (who are founding members) providing the day-to-day core legal work and organizational management, 12 additional lawyers (5 of which are our founding members) who provide provisional legal aid and 10 law students who are currently being trained “on the job” in legal writing, research and servicing soldiers.


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