Our Services

What NADAN Does


NADAN provides legal services to conscripted soldiers in matters related to their civilian lives, including:

  • Sorting out debt and debt-collection matters.
  • Drafting and reviewing rent and work-related contracts to protect soldiers’ interests.
  • Aiding in initiation lawsuits to Small-Claims Court and to the Labor Courts.
  • Providing legal representation before state authorities – particularly municipalities and government authorities (outside the IDF).
  • Litigating in defense of soldiers who are sued in court.
  • Consulting to soldiers regarding other legal matters based on soldiers’ needs and on the resources available to NADAN.


NADAN does not provide legal aid in the fields of criminal law or traffic violations. For these types of cases, soldiers may receive legal aid from the Israeli Public Defense and from the IDF Military Defense.


NADAN also promotes basic legal education to soldiers through lectures, informational guides and individual case work, so that they may learn to avoid legal troubles ahead of time.

Furthermore, NADAN analyzes available information in order to identify recurring problems related to soldiers, with the aim of initiating legislative and policy changes for the benefit of all conscripted soldiers.

*NADAN’s administrators will serve both as management and working lawyers at first, as they currently do.

Nadan’s Mission

NADAN aims to help every conscripted soldier who needs legal aid, regardless of financial background, and to promote the legal welfare of all conscripted soldiers.

NADAN is the only non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of providing legal aid specifically to IDF conscripted soldiers.

Statistical information provided to NADAN by the IDF has shown that about 3,500-5000 conscripted soldiers per year are in need of legal aid in one or more matters – and in above 10,000 cases per year.

Our research indicates that legal assistance offered by existing government programs, as well as by other not-for-profit organizations, is many times practically inaccessible to soldiers due to the soldiers’ unique schedules, long periods of unavailability and limited resources (in time and knowledge). Furthermore, many of these organizations lack the specific professional knowledge and experience related to the particulars of dealing with soldiers.


In order to make our legal aid accessible to them, NADAN’s accessibility of services takes into consideration the nature of military service and the unique lifestyle of conscripted soldiers.

For instance, NADAN’s office and reception hours are tailored for when soldiers are usually on leave, and they happen during non-conventional hours, including weekends. Additionally, our communication with soldiers is via mediums such as Facebook, email, Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps, utilizing a soldier’s smartphone which is his or her main point of contact.

NADAN’s founding members are veterans of the IDF Military Advocate General Corps and are well versed with the particular challenges conscripted soldiers face during their military service as well as with the solutions available to them, both within and outside the IDF.

Other than providing legal aid, we also put an emphasis on prevention and education which will be provided via lectures and, of course, individual case work.

Also, by viewing a cross-section of myriad cases we will be able to identify the recurring problems, analyze them and devise practical law and regulation reform – a policy which we have already begun to implement. To that end, we aim to cooperate with the IDF and other government branches, including the Israeli parliament (Knesset).