Our Stories

Opal, 18, lone soldier

Opal and her sister grew up with a physically abusive father. After her mother found out, the parents divorced and the father was ordered to pay child support until both his daughters finished their IDF service.   Shortly after Opal was drafted, her father ceased to pay and filed a

Eliezer, 21

Due to his tough socio-economic background, Eliezer received special permission from the military to work during his service. Eliezer worked at an ice cream parlor for 18 months. In the last two months of his employment, Eliezer did not receive any payment for his work and his wage was illegally

Molye, 20

Molye is the eldest of his Ethiopian immigrant family of 6. As such, Molye is the only one in the household with a driver’s license and it was upon his shoulders to assist with day-to-day necessities. Molye was at fault in a “fender-bender”, lacking car insurance after forgetting to renew

Shlomo, 22, immigrant lone soldier (US)

Shlomo was a returning Israeli citizen who immigrated as a child with his family to Texas. Shlomo had a dream of becoming a combat IDF trooper, and came back to volunteer. While in active duty in Nablus, Shlomo was injured and was discharged from the IDF. Shlomo fell to depression

Christina, 19, Israeli lone soldier

Christina was involved in a romantic relationship with a 53 year old man, who himself was in debt and had his assets frozen.  Both parties used Christina’s lack of debt to put everything on her name, including the lease of their apartment, their bills, and their bank account. After Christina